Rum from Saint Lucia

Rum from Saint Lucia

Discovered by the Spanish during the XVI° century, St-Lucia has been for a long time battled between the French and the English, before it definitely join the Commonwealth. Named “the Helen’s Caribbean”, it belongs to “the wind’s islands”. Proudly dominating the Caribbean cotes, the twos peaks are emblematic of this volcanic island with multiple charms: luxurious vegetation, gorgeous beaches, riche and coloured Creole heritage, it keeps all its promises. The History of rum began late after Saint-Lucia’s discovery. Indeed, we considered the sugar cane growing as a major stake only during the middle of the XIX° century. The XX° century saw the disappearance of several sugar cane factory and a lot of distilleries. At the end of the second world war, there were only three of them in the island. Saint-Lucia offers a large variety of originals rums, some of them world wide famous. The rums are surprising, bodily and as exotic as the chocolate that make the reputation of the island. Main distillery of island St Lucia Distillers which gave rise to major brands such as Admiral Rodney, Chairman's Reserve or Santa Lucia 1931.

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