Worthy Park
The Estate is located in the geographical center of the island of Jamaica, approximately forty miles by road to the north west of the capital Kingston and twenty eight miles due south of Ocho Rios, the major tourist center of Jamaica. The name “Worthy Park” was patented in 1670 – this land was given to a Lieutenant Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English invasion and ultimate capture of Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655. The commercial production of cane and sugar began fifty years hereafter in 1720 and the production of cane and sugar has continued in every year to the present day. Making Fine Rum Rum is made from molasses or cane juice. Molasses is the by-product of raw sugar production from sugarcane. The process involves fermentation and distillation. The most unique and flavourful Jamaican rum is made in Pot Stills. The design and operation of the Pot Still will also affect the flavour of the product.
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