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Even if British Guyana or Guyana is located in South-America, it’s truly considered like a part of Caribbean. The Dutch were the first to colonize this country but the rum history began with the arrivals of the English. Sugar cane is grown there since the XVI° century. Since then, the total amount of distilleries in the country raised to 384, which make Guyana one of the largest supplier of sugar cane in the Commonwealth. Rums are identified with initials still in use today: AN for Albion or PM fort Port Moran. In 1971, distilleries merged under three distilleries. Today, Diamond Distillery and the company Demerata Distillers Ltd subsist, bringing together numerous and various alembics named after the old distillery. Some of them are actual pieces of museum. Guyana’s rums are charged with aromatic elements. The distillation often use “retorts”, an appendix play the roll of alembic’s tray. The use of “potstills” and “retorts” give strength to Demerara’s rums. Emblematic from Guyana, El Dorado rum and some vestiges bottled by Velier, Classic Bristol, Mezan our La Compagnie des Indes remains available in business.

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