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Rum from Jamaica

In 1664, William Penn was sent by Olivier Cromwell to seize Hispaniola (Haiti) for England. His failure in this mission drove him to Jamaica, were he rejected all the Spanish from the island. In 1670, Spain gave up their rights on Port Royal, which became a refuge for pirates and buccaneer. In the XVII° century, at the end of the golden age of piracy, sugar became the major growing in the luxurious island. By the XVIII° century, Jamaica became the largest producer of sugar in the Caribbean and the place of several slaves revolts that lead to the abolition of English slavery on 1834. The Jamaican are fond of charged rums, which is not surprising when we know there are more potsills in Jamaica than in any other island in the Caribbean. This method gives the rum a flavour and a pronounced taste that is particularly powerful and aromatic. Known for a long time as heavy rum, the Jamaican rum have now gain its greatness.

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