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Sugar cane arrived in Venezuela in the 16th century. A alcohol called tasira is produced there using sugar cane and despite the repression of the authorities, it is developing slowly. The context softened in the 19th century and the country was covered with distilleries from East to West. We then distinguish the Aguardiente de cana and the Ron which must be aged. In the 20th century, Pampero rum, created in 1938, dominated the market for several decades. The Ron Santa Teresa, among the oldest Ron in the country, is now recognized for its finesse by many aficionados. As for the Diplomatico rum, whose success is due to the know-how of the legendary Master rum maker Tito Cordero, is proud to have brought many amateurs to Rum, while delighting cigar lovers. Venezuela, with rather light rums, aged in the solera or static method, sweetened or not, offers rum lovers a multitude of nuances of indolging rums. Since 2003, it has been based on a Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC), requiring at least two years of aging in white oak barrels.

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