Famous for its golden sunshine, turquoise waters and gently swaying palm trees, the Caribbean is also the birthplace of one of the oldest and most beloved spirits in the world: rum. For centuries, rum production has flourished among this myriad of islands, creating a rich and nuanced palette of aromas and styles unique to each location and distillery. Meticulously selected by the Chai Master Mezan, Mezanrums capture the depth and diversity of the Caribbean by offering the purest and most authentic flavors.

The distilleries, some mythical, others closed, are all subject to the watchful eye of the Cellar Master Mezan. He tirelessly travels this vast region, in search of its hidden treasures. These are the "untouched rums", coming from a single year of distillation and a single distillery. No assembly, no addition of sugar or coloring agent, not cold filtered. These vintage rums represent the most beautiful and sincere expression of their producer and their country of origin. When a particularly exceptional rum that has reached its aging potential is discovered, it is bottled. But only one was at a time, to preserve its uniqueness and ensure that the unforgettable sensory experience is found in every drop of Mezan.

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