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Rum from Nicaragua

Sugar cane was introduced in Nicaragua in 1880. Around the end of the XIX° century, sugar cane represented a significative part of Nicaraguan economy. The first distillery was born in Nicaragua in 1890. It’s known today as the only distillery under the name Compañia Licorera and distils a large quantity of sugar cane from Nicaragua. The distillery is modern and use column distillation. The aging is slower than in the Caribbean as the climate is softer. The Nicaragua’s rum style is lighter, aromatic and lightly wooded. The twos emblematic brands from Nicaragua are Mombacho and Flor de Cana. A part of production is carefully selected by the distillers and entrusted to the best independent bottlers such as Cadenhead, Samaroli or Berrys Brod & Rudd.

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