The origin of Cachaça dates back to the sixteenth century. Several stories relate the birth of the style, but it is very likely that the first productions resulted from a distillation of a cooked cane juice called "Cachaça". The Cachaça appellation is protected by Brazilian law. The alcohol must be the fruit of pure sugar cane juice. After a short fermentation, it will be distilled in a column or pot still, and the ABV must be between 38 and 48%. Perceived as a festive alcohol, it is mostly consumed in cocktails. Nevertheless, it becomes a pure tasting product once aged in barrels. Surprisingly, if more than 4000 houses are producing cachaça in Brazil, only one percent is exported out of the billion liters produced. Among these we find superb brands like Novo Fogo, Engenho Da Vertente, or Thoquino.

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