The first production of rum at Domaine Appleton dates back to 1749. However, the origins of the estate date back to 1655, when the English took Jamaica from the Spanish.

Frances Dickinson participated in this conquest and it is believed that the Appleton estate was part of the land Dickinson received for his services. His grandsons were the first known owners of the Appletonestate. In 1845, the Appleton estate changed hands when it was acquired from the Dickinson family by William Hill. It changed hands again later when it was purchased by one of Jamaica's most successful merchants, A. McDowell Nathan. Nathan died in the great earthquake of 1907 and his extensive estate, including Appleton, was eventually acquired by J. Wray and Nephew Ltd. J. Wray and Nephew still owns the Appleton estate and has maintained its rich tradition of producing premium rums and spirits to this day. The estate has changed hands many times over the years, but since 1749, all of the Appleton estate's rums have been produced in a single 11,000-acre estate in the Nassau Valley. The Nassau Valley is part of a region of Jamaica known worldwide, the famous Cockpit Country which is a very peculiar limestone formation known as Cockpit Karst that was formed over millions of years. Domaine Appleton is the only estate located in a Cockpit karst formation and produces the only rum in the world that comes from a "terroir" as special as that of the Nassau Valley. The "terroir" is a set of very particular characteristics of climate, soil and geography that give a very special quality to all our rums. This is proof that the origin of a rum is really important.

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