Arranged rum & Spiced

Arranged rum or punch takes its roots in the trade of spices between Reunion Island and Madagascar between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, like Spiced Rum. This tradition has spread to the overseas departments and regions and contributes to the influence of the festive culture of rum. Maracuja (passion fruit), pineapple or banana are often in the spotlight, but today the market has grown considerably and calls for the inventiveness of producers, by selecting fruits from all walks of life. . Houses like Isautier in Reunion or Longueteau in Guadeloupe play the role of guardian of the terroir. Playing the card of originality and variety, independent banners such as Les Rhums de Ced, the Arhumatic range or the Malorhum brand contribute to the growing aura of the style.

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