Rum - Cachaça from Brazil

Cachaça and rum from Brazil

The birthplace of cane eau de vie on the American continent, cachaça appeared in the 16th century. Distilleries are abundant despite the repression of the authorities. Rum becomes a valuable income supplement when sugar prices drop. But over the decades, Brazil has become a global sugar cane giant and cachaça has established itself in popular culture. Brazil produces more than a billion liters of cane alcohol per year and less than 1% of production is exported. The Abelha brand is a flourishing organic cachaça. It works with small planters and uses copper stills. Cachaça Sagatiba, distilled in column and pot still, is the rising figure in the world of mixology. On the other hand, the Novo Fogo brand gratifies us with artisanal and tasting cachaças. Finally, Tijuca, which recently appeared on the market, produces blends of cachaças and old rums of rare finesse. We can also note the arrival of bottlers to select rums sold under their own brand. Today, cachaça benefits from a protected designation. It must be produced in Brazil, from pure sugar cane juice, in a pot still or in a column, must be between 38 and 48% ABV, and a slight dosage is authorised.

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