Rum from Asia


A vast continent still little known in terms of rum, Asia nevertheless conceals a few gems. Sugar cane has been present there for millennia, in Indonesia, in India since 8000 BC, in China or even in Japan from the 9th century. Rice is widely used in the production of different spirits. Thus we can cite the arack of batavia produced in Java, which is a sugar cane alcohol for which a red rice yeast is used during fermentation. Japan, renowned for its sake and whisky, produces excellent rums in the south of the archipelago on the island of Okinawa. Thailand, Viet-Nam and Taiwan produce remarkable pure cane juice rums. The production of molasses rum is mainly consumed there. The Philippines has a varied production of dry or sweet rums. Finally, India, one of the largest sugar cane producers in the world, regulated its rum production in 2019 to come closer to the definition we know in Europe and the Caribbean.

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