Buy rum from Republic of Ghana

Rhum from Republic of Ghana

If we do not instinctively think of Africa as a production territory, we should not turn away from it. Historically, the first contacts between rum and Africa were established during the tragic triangular trade where rum could be used as currency for slaves. In the 19th century, certain places experienced a major boom in sugar cane, such as Angola and South Africa, to the point for it to become a benchmark on the continent today. At the same time, small projects are born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Tanzania, or in Ghana, which is delivering its first very promising rums to us. If sugar cane has been in decline in recent decades, the Ghanaian authorities are investing again in this sector, particularly in the Komenda region, by promoting healthy agriculture. Recently, the Danish bottler Rom de Luxe became interested in the production of rum in Ghana. The Ghanaian rum exported today is made from pure cane juice and is distilled in stills.

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