By using the double distillation technique usually used by great Cognacs, Dupré Barancourt found the incredible rum’s character and received the highest international distinctions. Dupré Barancourt, leaving no inheritor at his death, his wife, Nathalie Gardère, managed the company with her nephew, Paul Gardère who succeeded here at the head of the company until 1946. To this date, the distillery rum Barbancourt, established on the Chemin des Dalles in Port-au-Prince, producing a very little quantity of rum, the olds rums being exclusively reserved for family and near relations. Paul died in 1946. Following the family tradition, his son Jean Gardère passes on the torch until 1990. Businessman and visionary, he was the instigator of the modernization of the Rum Barbancourt company. In 1949, he transfers the distillery in the middle of the Barbancourt Domain’s cane fields. By 1952, the company begun to produce rums from the sugar canes cultivated in their own plantation: the Domain Barbancourt. The company than became an international producer known for his authenticity and his quality’s rum. In the middle of the 60’s, the Reserve’s Domain 15 years old, traditionally reserved to the family, began to be opened to the distribution. At Jean’s death, his son, Thierry Gardère took the succession: he is today the fourth generation of the Barbancourt Family to run the company and continue the excellence’s commitment and the tradition. The company Rum Barbancourt exports his products in more than 20 countries and employs 250 persons. Rum barbancourt is one of the oldest company from Haïti and creates indirectly 20 000 jobs over the country.

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