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Rum from Taiwan

Sugar cane has been exploited on the island of Taiwan since the 17th century. The sugar is then sold mainly in Japan. Sugar production reached its peak in the 19th century when cane alcohol spread among the population. With Japanese colonization in 1895, cane alcohol was returned to industrial and military use. It took until 1945 for rum to return to the current consumer market. The sugar industry resumed and prospered until the mid-1970s. Then followed a long decline of cane and rum for 40 years. Today the small island of Taiwan is well represented on the rum planet both through its several rum bars but also through the Renaissance distillery founded in 2017. It has two stills which make it possible to obtain two different types of aromas. The rum is produced from cane juice or molasses, and has already won several medals in various international competitions.

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63 % ABV - 65 % ABV

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200 - 350