The Severin estate has belonged to the Marsolle family since 1928. There are Marsolle (which would be of Charente origin) from the beginning of the arrival of the French on the island.

At first this area was called HABITATION BELLEVUE. In the 1800s Mr. Séverin acquired the Domaine which kept his name. It is at the time one of the many sucrottes of the island. It manufactures raw sugar loaves, shipped to mainland France to be refined. The Domaine was then a pineapple cannery for several years. And it was in 1928 that Henri Marsolle originally from Bouillante on the leeward coast, bought the Domaine from his aunt Madame Beauvarlet who had acquired it from Viscount NOVION de TOURCOING in 1920. In 1966, his son Joseph Marsolle acquired the farm and devoted all his passion to the quality of production, accompanied in this task by his brother Edouard. The significant potential for development, particularly in exports, led Joseph Marsolle and his wife May to implement an adapted trade policy. The company is now managed by his three sons: José, Pascal and Thierry.

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