In front of the growing enthusiasm for the rums, and especially for some rare and limited editions, the launch of a new rum is always a special moment. Indeed, a new rum is often predate by many tasting reviews, technical informations for the most interested person and photos to make your mouth water. rnrnIn front of a waiting time that can take several weeks or months, the excitement of finally having the rum in your hand is a very special moment for every “rum lover”. rnrnIn order to make this moment as unique as possible, our pre-order page offers you the possibility to order the rums that aren’t even launched yet ! rn

The benefits of pre-ordering your rums

By pre-ordering your rums, you have the guarantee to be one of the first to have and taste the product, while avoiding the stress of the launch day. The days of waiting hours, in a crowded line, in front the shops are over ! rnrnBy ordering in advance, particularly for the most populars rums, you are sure to have a bottle reserved for you. Otherwise it can become a brain-teaser if the market demand exceed expectations, it can be very difficult the lay hand on the rum you desire.

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