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In the United States, rum was the first mass-produced spirit, starting in the 17th century. Consumption is such that it is necessary to import molasses and rum from other English colonies to meet the needs of the population. During the War of Independence, rum became an indispensable traveling companion for soldiers. However, as the conquests in the West progressed, rum declined in favor of whisky without losing its status as “father of spirits”. The word “Rum” then becomes synonymous with “alcohol” independently of the eau-de-vie it designates.
Today, alongside older establishments, many so-called “craft” distilleries are being built and the United States is experiencing a new spectacular golden age.
Among the established distilleries Bayou offers white, old and spicy molasses rums. But it is Privateer who embodies the “craft” movement. This artisanal distillery produces white and old molasses rums, without adjunction. In addition, it attracts certain independent bottlers who come to select rums to bottle under their own brand.
The USA produces column and pot still rum, molasses or pure juice, using a lot of oak barrels and ex-Bourbon barrels for ageing.

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