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Fascinating Archipelago by its diversity, its culture, and its history, French Polynesia finds again its place in the world of rum. Sugar cane has been present there for centuries and the Otahiti variety conquered the Indian Ocean and the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries. If there was always a little rum produced on site, the revival of the last thirty years is spectacular. We owe this rum revolution to David Moux, founder of Tamure rums, who struggled, from the 1980s, to replant sugar cane that had fallen into disgrace at the time, to produce pure rum from cane juice. Manutea rum on the island of Moorea, Taha'a on the island of Tahaa and Mana'o in Tahiti, carry on in the following decades. Although there is a production of molasses rum consumed locally, Polynesian rums are produced from pure cane juice, in stills or in columns, without any sweetening. Producers are now working on the development of a geographical indication which would aim, among other things, to use so-called "noble" canes, that is to say dating back to the origins, in the production of rum.

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