Saint James

The canes, planted on the eastern side of the Mont Pelée, enjoy a privileged location: a volcanic earth providing a fertile soil, a high level of sunshine and a tropical and humid climate swept by the Atlantic see sprays. The canes are harvested from February for 3 or 4 months. It’s transported to the distillery as fast as possible in order to preserve its sugar rate and its aromas. According to the proverb in Martinique “the canes must have the roots in the soil and the head in the mill”. Arrival in the distillery, the canes are cold pressed to obtain their juice or “Vesou” which will be fermented during 24 to 48 hours to become “the cane’s wine”. The latter is then warmed in alembic cooper stills to finally release a rum containing between 65 and 74% in alcohol. The Saint James Distillery The distillery Saint James is a “smoking distillery” which means in typical Creole language that it’s always been in activity. Every Saint James rum comes from the fermentation and distillation of pure sugarcane juice. This technique, exclusive to the French Antilles, gives to the rums very aromatic notes, a fruity taste, making them perfect for an aging in oak barrels, like the best eaux-de-vie. First Agricultural rum in the world, number 1 in Martinique and regularly awarded during the most prestigious international competitions, Saint James is a brand with an unequalled quality.

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