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Guadeloupe is with Martinique, the birthplace of French rum. If the settlers wanted to produce sugar, rum, then produced from molasses, offered them a significant additional income. At the end of the 19th century, because of a global sugar crisis, small producers in Guadeloupe turned to pure cane juice rum, while the large sugar factories continued their production of molasses rum. It was at this time that the French style of rum was born. During the 20th century, Guadeloupe retained its sugar industry despite the closure of many sugar factories, but refined its agricole rum production methods. Today, Guadeloupe distilleries are very often family-owned and independent. However, sugar factory rum has not completely disappeared and is beautifully embodied in Bonne-Mère rum.

Many distilleries are now investing in expanding their aging cellars.

In Guadeloupe you will be seduced by Longueteau, Karukera, Montebello, Bologne, Damoiseau, Reimonenq, Séverin, Darboussier rums, and the recent Papa Rouyo, not to mention the independent bottlers who come to select wonders on Butterfly Island.

Guadeloupe produces white, amber and old rums, mainly distilled in column stills but also in pot stills, which benefit from a Geographical Indication.

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