Rum of Marie Galante (island of Guadeloupe)

Marie Galante

This island located an hour by boat from Butterfly Island, in Guadeloupe, has two nicknames. The first is the galette, referring to its lack of relief which allows it to be covered in sugar cane. Note that the island counts about 1000 small planters! The second is the island of a hundred mills, which refers to its rich sugar past. The most famous mill is that of the Bellevue estate. Created in 1821 in Capesterre of Marie Galante, it is the largest distillery on the island. It produces Bellevue rum but also Habitation Bellevue. Rums are often blends of molasses rums and agricole rhum. The Poisson distillery, created in 1916, offers Père Labat rum. This brand has experienced a significant revival in recent years which has delighted enthusiasts. Finally, the Bielle distillery, whose range of rum is certainly one of the most fruity and generous in the French Caribbean, has been recognized by amateurs and enthusiasts for many years.

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