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Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean rums cover several continents, from Africa to Oceania through Asia. The tradition of Madagascar rums is a profile based on vanilla notes, with Dzama rum. In the country, we consume a local rum called Toaka made from pure cane juice. Next come Reunion rums, whose recognition by amateurs is growing year after year. Over 99% of rums produced on the island are made from molasses. Mauritius concentrates several styles since there is a good production of pure cane juice rums and molasses rums with notes sometimes reminiscent of Latino styles. Mauritius and Reunion also produce a lot of arranged and spiced rums. A little further north, the Seychelles share with us Takamaka rum, the demand for which, for the arranged and spiced rums part, continues to increase. Let's go through India, which has been restructuring its rum industry for a few years now, and land in Australia where distilleries like Beenleigh are gradually making their mark in Europe. Indian Ocean rums are very rich in their diversity.

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