In the department of Cordillera, a country of hill enjoying a pleasant climate, is located the small town of Piribebuy. Javier Diaz de Vivar chooses de move there in 1993 in order to create a sugar cane farm. In only a few years, his business has become the largest producer of sugar cane, appreciated for his great qualities. This sweet juice is also used to produce rum, following an original technique: in fact, it’s concentrated under the influence of heat in metal evaporator, producing a kind of honey which is then fermented and distilled in a still with column. It’s probably this unusual technique which gives to the rum his strong character. Strong with floral and herbaceous notes, especially in the 3 years old. The spirit is then aged in oak barrels and sell in a 3 years old version (RIPEN) and a 8 years old version (BLACK LABEL)

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