Rum from Europe


In Europe, there are producers, blenders and many bottlers. They are divided between France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria mainly. And let's be honest, the growth of the rum world is greatly driven by European consumers. The British bottle a lot of rums from their former territories such as Jamaica or Guyana, but also Barbados or Belize. They are caught up in these territories by the Dutch, Germans and Danes, who are very present on the bottling market. The French shine with Plantations rums and Ferroni rums. Both producers and bottlers, these two houses always manage to amaze us. The Famille Ricci also produces very fine blends. Austria and southern Spain produce rum, each in their own style, drier for Austria and smoother for Spain. Europe is a region that should not be turned away as it harbors so many amateurs. Each country is now able to bottle and produce very good rums according to its national or regional specificities.

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