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In the 18th century, northern Europe was generously supplied with rum via the port of Flensburg, a Danish city, until 1866. The Germans then mainly received rum from Jamaica. Part of this rum, very concentrated aromatically, is then cut in beetroot or potato alcohol, which gives birth to “Rum Verschnitt” an appellation still reserved to this day for the German market. Today the Flensburg Rum Company, based in Germany, continues this bottling tradition by offering high quality rums. Other bottlers like the Rum Club, offer original, pure, cask strength rums. Sansibar, historically a whisky bottler, has opened up to rum with a more than respectable selection. And finally Rum Artesanal, unearths small gems of a rare rigor and very popular with amateurs. There are also several German distilleries that produce, in addition to other spirits, still molasses rums.