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Rum (pronounced “Roum”) is linked to the history of the Austro-Hungarian navy in which sailors were entitled to a ration of rum, as well as to medical history. Medicinal herbs have been macerated in rum since the 19th century. But at that time, importing rum from the Caribbean was expensive. Austria then created an “Inländer Rum”, a drink made from beet molasses in which rum essences were added so that the final product had the color, taste and smell of rum. Today, the “Inländer Rum”, recognized at European level, is produced only in Austria and from sugar cane molasses.
Stroh is the worthy representative of this tradition of strong rum, produced on site, benefiting from the addition of aromas and essence, as at the time of its creation in 1832.
At the same time, the Krauss distillery produces a rum made from molasses, without any adjonctions, with two different yeasts used for fermentation to create two types of aromas. These rums are aged in oak barrels with finishes in ex-wine barrels.