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Sugar cane was introduced to Spain in the 8th century during the Arab conquest. It remains confined for several centuries in the south of the country and cane sugar is sometimes used as a diplomatic gift in relations between kingdoms. Andalusia still cultivates sugar cane. Rum distilleries, existing since the 19th century, still operate in this country which consumes a considerable amount of rum from the Dominican Republic.
On the mainland, there are a number of distilleries such as the Montero or Eltajo distilleries, but it is above all in the Canary Islands with the Arehucas and Aldea distilleries that rum shines. Independent bottlers like Ferroni or Tres Hombres have made several selections on these volcanic islands.
Spain, including the Canary Islands, produces pure rum from sugar cane juice and molasses. The column still is mainly used for distillation. The Aldea distillery has a copper column.