Buy rum from Barbados

Rum from Barbados

Small island and microstate in the border of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados is considered by Dave Broom as the rum cradle. The oldest rums would come from Barbados (from the XVII° century). If the sugar industry today is at a standstill, the island never stops producing great quality rum. It’s even an exception because distillers have never conceded to still column. Mount Gay, WIRD (West Indies Rum Distillery) and Foursquare (Doorly’s) use classical stills. These distilleries are technically very evolved, in particular with fermentation, key to the aromatic richness in Barbados’ rums. We cane name big rum brands such as Cockspur, St Nicholas Abbey or Mount Gilboa. Independent bottlers like Rum Swedes, Silver Seal, La Compagnie des Indes, and the Classic Bristol have also recover exceptional barrels

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