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Rum from Antigua and Barbuda

Independent state located in the North of the Lesser Antilles, it saw its first sugar plantation established in 1674. Sugar cane developed to the point of occupying half of the arable land of Antigua. The fortified port of English Harbor, to the south, hosted a large part of the British Caribbean fleet in the 18th century.
For more than 200 years, rum has been produced on this island. In the 20th century, rum was a social drink. Indeed, after a game of dominoes, the loser paid for a bottle of rum to share. In 1932, eight small "rum shop" owners united to found "The Antigua Distillery Limited". It is equipped with a battery of four Savalle distillation columns and produces a rum sold under different brands. In 1991, a new three-column still, modified on site to add two, 100% copper, from John Dore & Co replaced the previous one.
English Harbor was born in 1934 and pays homage to the naval tradition of Antigua. This rum is at least 5 years old, it is aged in oak barrels, in ex-Bourbon barrels and sometimes benefits from a finish. Its distillation in a column still gives it a beautiful aromatic complexity.

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