We are at the end of the nineteenth century, in the midst of a sugar crisis. The Marquis de Sainte-Marie then devoted himself to games.

Naturally, it was a failure and the marquis was forced to sell what would become the domain of the marquisate of Sainte-Marie. The notary, then in charge of carrying out the sale, met Henri Longueteau and offered to buy the estate. "It's my dream to own such a beautiful estate!" he replies. However, Henri Longueteau who is the manager of a nearby factory does not have the means. "No problem, I entrust you with the property and you will pay it back as soon as you can." Something that had to be done because, for more than 120 years, the Longueteau family is still the sole owner. In 1895, Henri Longueteau transformed the old sugar factory to make "z'habitant" rum, rum coming directly from the distillation of pure sugar cane juice. Called today agricultural rum, it is appreciated by connoisseurs around the world. Since then, four generations have succeeded each other on the estate, maintaining a love of the land and work well done with the values: quality, passion and tradition. Today, the LONGUETEAU® distillery is the only distillery in Guadeloupe 100% autonomous in sugar cane that comes only from the plantations of the domain of the marquisate of Sainte-Marie, located at the foot of the Soufrière massif. The agricultural rum thus produced allows us to develop a collection of high quality, rewarded for several years at the Concours Agricole de Paris. Rums LONGUETEAU® are among the most prestigious in the French West Indies.

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