9x Ice Rock

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Just as regular ice, these natural stones accumulate the cold and give it slowly back but don’t melt! So there isn’t any dilution of your spirit, any denaturing of aroma’s taste. 


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    These stones come form Finland, they’re made of Steatite, a rock 400 millions years old. These ices are conformed to the demands of European’s regulations. User instructions: place the stones during two hours in the freezer then use them as a replacement to your regular ice cubes in any drink. These stones are perfect for rums because they bring coldness without bringing any water in your favorite spirit. Rinse the stones thoroughly before every using. Packaged by 9 in a box magnetic. Picture: Bottle (Clément cuvee Homer) sells separately.

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    Our packaging is completely shock-proof and 100% recyclable. Our packaging meet all the requirements of many partner carriers, especially for international carriers. They are lightweight, and offer very good result in terms of strength and impact resistance. Your order is ensured during transport against all damage by insurance that we agree with our charges for each of your parcel.

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