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Bundaberg Original Overproof has been around as for as long as its Underproof brother. 


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  • 0.70L
  • 57,7°
  • Amber
  • Australia

It is based on the same spirit, and blended to extra strength.

So why is it called "Overproof"?
Well, back in the early days there were no sophisticated instruments to measure the alcohol content, so there was an ingenious test used to determine the strength of spirits. Ordinary gunpowder was saturated with the spirit. If, when lit, the powder flashed, it was "overproof". If it did not, it was "underproof". These days, we don't risk blowing up the vats by lighting up some gunpowder, and instead we have an instrument called a hydrometer to measure the alcohol content for us. The term "proof" now refers to an alcohol content of 50% by volume, or 100 Proof. Underproof means the rum is less that 50% ABV, and Overproof means the rum is over 50% ABV. Bundaberg Original OP is blended to 57.7% ABV. The stronger blend brings out more of the rich, intense character that is the signature of all Bundaberg Rum products.


In 1888, the first barrel of Bundaberg Rum literally rolled out of the production line.
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • Aging Tropical

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