Gosling's Black Seal

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Gosling Black Seal rum has a rich, intriguing flavor, well-balanced with hints of caramel and vanilla. Impressive enough to deserve the highest title, the partinium medal, of the institute of spirits.


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  • 0.70L
  • 40°
  • Dark
  • Bermuda

Today, unlike many spirits, the Black Seal includes a blend of two stills used for both the best cognac and great wines. One imports a distinct flavor, the other a subtle elegance. Together, they work miracles. They are not opposed to offering variations of their classic product. In the style of the Gosling family, they don't just throw a product on the market. It took several tries as well as repeated tests (a lot of work but someone has to do it well!). They finally proudly arrived at a full-bodied 140 proof rum (~70°), but very refined that not only won the hearts of the visitors, but also the judges. Gosling 151 proof Black Seal rum enjoys the same popularity thanks to its inimitable flavor, characteristic taste and unique quality.

This slight tingling on the lips brings an ideal exoticism to your drinks as well as your flambéed desserts. Black Seal has become synonymous with Bermuda. It is the national drink and the most exported product of the island.


The story of Black Seal rum and the Gosling family began a long time ago. In the spring of 1806, James Gosling, the eldest son of William Gosling, a wine and spirits merchant, put on board the ship Mercure in England, $ 10,000 of goods

  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)
  • Aging Tropical

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