Aging your own rum in oak barrels

27 April 2022 | Discover
Aging your own rum in oak barrels


Step 1

You have just received your keg. Start by rinsing it thoroughly several times inside and out. Fill your barrel with cold water and leave it to stand for 72 hours up to several days for a perfect seal. If, however, water oozes between the staves, completely immerse your barrel in water for an additional 24 hours to obtain optimum results.

Step 2

There are a multitude of possible combinations to age your own rum. You can raise a very aromatic white rum: “Parcellaires” (Trois Rivieres Cuvée de l'Ocean, Longueteau Parcelle N°1 / N°9) Monovarietals (blue cane, red cane, gray cane) Column strength (Rum Nation Jamaica Pot Still White Rum, Neisson Esprit…). Renowned for their aromas (HSE Vintage, La Favorite Cœur de Canne, Neisson, etc.) You can also use your barrel to refine a white rum or a rum already slightly aged like an esb (18 months): Paille Bally, HSE esb. For refining, it is advisable to have filled your barrel beforehand with a powerful alcohol or a brandy to bring interesting aromas to your rum. Here are some proven ideas: Sherry wine, Banyuls wine, White wine, Red wine, Whisky, Bourbon, Port, Malaga… The combinations are endless!

Step 3

Start by completely emptying your barrel and get rid of the last drops of water inside. Fill completely with the rum of your choice. Do not forget to indicate on the barrel the name of the rum and its date of filling to remember all the information during your future tasting.

Step 4

The location of your barrel will have a huge impact on the exchange with the air, the wood and the rum. Likewise for evaporation, or rather the angels share, it will be more important in your living room than in the cellar where hygrometry and moderate temperature are present. There is no mandatory location for your barrel, just a few guidelines for aging to be as efficient as possible. Check that hydrometry and temperatures are stable throughout the days and months. No direct sunlight on the wood or hot or cool drafts. The wood will react very quickly to each of these elements (retraction, expansion) and will increase or decrease the size of the barrel.

The aging time of your rum is totally up to you. Ideally, leave your rum at least a month in the barrel and enjoy your own rum creation!

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