Meeting with Christopher Morrison

1 November 2022 | Interviews & Meetings
Meeting with Christopher Morrison

We all have backgrounds, different experiences with a common denominator, that of passion for this sugar cane distillate, Rum.

We have decided to give the floor to each of the actors who work daily at Excellence Rhum, whether it is bottling, the preparation of your parcels or even advice in the shop. Make way for the interview with Christopher, spirits advisor for the Parisian boutique.

Hello Christopher. When did you first cross paths with rum?

The first link with rum was forged thanks to my grandfather who was in the British Navy. He would tell me stories of his adventures around the world and a lot of them would start at the tip of a bottle of rum. Indeed, back in the day he would have a daily ration of rum, the "tot", to which he was entitled as a sailor.

Later, I was in contact with different producers and finally saw the depth of the rum world. My first experience took place at Maison Ferrand and if I originally had my eye on several spirits, rum became an evidence.

How did you come to work at Excellence Rhum?

I first heard of Excellence Rhum as a customer. I had good past experiences there, so when a professional opportunity became available I seized it. The exchanges took place rather naturally with the employees and the management.

I was able to work in an environment that fascinated me while still learning many things in this field. Even today, I continue to enrich myself daily.

What does rum represent for you?

For me, rum is above all conviviality, sharing, exploration, travel. Rum covers all these words. Unlike other spirits, rum, through its history and its wealth of production, is a drink that is very open to the world. It is a less codified drink than other spirits. The image of rum that I have today is that of a form of freedom and endless possibilities.

What aspect of your work today appeals to you the most?

Bottling, rum selection. As enthusiasts, we can taste a lot of different styles of rums. Participating in the selection of a bottling is a joy and a source of pride. Selecting rums that we like and sharing them is a fascinating thing that I never tire of. This desire to look for new things, to go against what people expect is an exercise that I particularly enjoy.

What rums or types of rum do you want customers to discover?

British traditional rums, such as the Navy style or Jamaican rums full of fruit and character. It is a style that I particularly like without it being very widespread in France. Agricole rhum occupies a good place in France and we sometimes turn away from other terroirs which are very rich, in terms of diversity of production and aromas.

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