Recipe of Cuba Libre

1 July 2022 | Cocktails
Recipe of Cuba Libre

But why a Cuba Libre?

We can already hear booing in the background. But at ExcellenceRhum we are smart, we know full well that if you make a Cuba Libre as it should be, your stock of rum will go down at the speed of light and you will order more from us… win-win situation?

So, you are probably wondering what has changed in the cocktail world to make us interested in an improved rum-coca?

Quite simply the quality of the products available on the market.

Until very recently, a cola remained a cola and it was better to start on coca-cola. Since then, premium soda brands like Fever Tree, Fentiman's or Luscombe have launched a fairly varied range of products. The first two offer Colas of excellent quality, complex in taste, really complex...

Do not even dare to imagine comparing a nightclub rum and coke with a cuba libre whose rum has been carefully selected and enhanced by the best cola… add to all that the lime for balance and you risk quickly becoming addicted...

The cocktail was made popular in the first half of the 20th century, thanks to a band and thanks to the fiery Errol Flynn.

Be aware, however, that Cuban bartenders back then refused to put it on the menu for a long time. Sloppy Joe, from the famous bar of the same name, took the liberty of improving it and then offering it to its customers. He "shakes" the rum and the lemon and then adds the cola.

But the cool thing about the original Cuba Libre is that there is no need for a shaker to make the cocktail, you prepare it directly from the glass. It is a very easy cocktail to make.

Our recommendations for ingredients.

The greats of the cocktail world recommend a "funky" rum, go on an English style which can stand up to cola. Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados will be your best allies. However, you can go for a Hispanic style for flawless harmony, a nice Panamanian rum will do the trick. Experiment, drink, experiment!

Cola: Fever Tree or Fentiman’s… For fun, make the same cocktail right next to it with a classic Coca-Cola (red). You will give us feedback in the comments.

Lime: essential. #NoPulco


6 cl of rum

12 cl of cola

2 cl lime juice

Straight into a tall glass, with plenty of ice cubes. Assemble rum and lime, mix a little to cool everything, add the cola, add a quick stir to harmonize without breaking the bubbles, it's ready! Decorate with a nice thin slice of lime.

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