The different varieties of sugar cane

1 July 2022 | Discover
The different varieties of sugar cane

Red Cane / (B64.277)

The red cane is distinguished by the color and the imposing diameter of its stems. Under good growing conditions, it is one of the most productive and longest-lived varieties. On the other hand, its lack of hardiness reserves it to small or medium plots where it must benefit from the best care and manual harvesting.

Cinnamon Cane (B82.0333)

A newly selected variety, the cinnamon cane has a stem with a particularly hard bark, which strongly displeases rodents and other pests! This characteristic associated with good hardiness, excellent agricultural yield, suitability for mechanized harvesting and high longevity make it one of the varieties appreciated by growers.

Red eyed Cane / Zyé rouj (B73 419)

The red-eye cane comes from Barbados and was introduced to Martinique in the mid-1990s. When ripe, the eyes – leaf buds – turn red and prominent. It appreciates well-drained and reasonably watered soils. It provides a high sugar content with a fairly low fiber content and is suitable for mechanized harvesting.

Zikak Cane (B80 08)

The zikak cane introduced to Martinique at the end of the 20th century is one of the favorites of planters. It adapts to the different terroirs of the island by supporting more easily than its sisters lack and excess of water. It also shows very good yields, a high sugar content, and supports both manual and mechanized harvesting. A star !

Blue Cane (B69 566)

The abundant wax that covers them gives the stems of this variety hues that vary from purplish gray to blue. Its attraction for plots rich in water, its precocity, its very good sugar content and its ease of mechanized harvesting do not always compensate for its moderate resistance to diseases and rodents. It has, however, become a star of communication.

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