5 references to discover rum

1 July 2022 | Discover
5 references to discover rum

You certainly know white rum in long fruity drinks, more commonly called punch, or thanks to the famous West Indian ti-punch but today you want to embark on the taste adventure of old and noble rums - aged in barrels? I have created for you this mini guide of 5 old rums (more than 3 years old) for tasting. Thanks to reference brands of rum, you will be able to appreciate another aspect of this spirit, all this while remaining within reasonable budgets.

Happy reading and above all happy tasting!

Arcane Extraroma :

Another young brand born in Mauritius (Mauritius). The bottle is attractive with its unusual shape and opacity. It stands out by its packaging which is interesting to say the least, such as the gift box with its tasting glasses or even its butterfly box highlighting the bottle of rum.

The product itself will certainly appeal to amateurs with its smoothness, its roundness and its surprising aromas that are almost like candy. A rum that does not ruffle any feathers, first by its alcoholic strength, which is quite low for a rum (40%) second due to its price.

A very good choice for beginners in the wonderful world of sugarcane…

Profile: light, smooth, sweet (addition of sugar), banana

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva :

Our second choice is the unmissable Venezuelan; the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. It is undoubtedly the rum that will appeal to all neophytes and amateurs, particularly sweet with  notes of honey, vanilla, nutmeg... A treat in all modes of consumption: high level cocktails, neat or with ice. This rum is an excellent value for money and has a very nice presentation (tubular case but also available in a box with tasting glasses).

Profile: smooth, honey, vanilla, sweet (addition of sugar)

Don Papa 7 years old:

Let's go this time to Asia, it is at the foot of the Kanlao Volcano, in the Philippines where this nectar is found. The famous Don Papa 7 year old is known for its roundness and smoothness, but also for its magnificent packaging in a retro style. The 7-year-old Don Papa is a bottle that intrigues by its aspects, but also for its surprising and almost addictive recipe. Some might say it's not rum, but this version fits well within the guidelines for naming "rum"

This rum is very accessible thanks to its sweetness and will appeal to rum lovers.

Profile: orange, vanilla, sweet (addition of sugar)

Maison La Mauny and Trois Rivières :

Let's change course and head for the French West Indies, which produce drier rums with a very wide aromatic palette. We have selected La Mauny and Trois Rivières, both are intimately linked, and produce rums accessible to everyone and for any budget. For your first tastings, we recommend Ambré from Trois Rivières and VSOP from Maison La Mauny.

These rums from the West Indies, Latin America, the Indian Ocean and Asia have one thing in common although they come from completely different continents: the happiness that each of these rums causes on the palate.

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Alexandre Beudet