Frozen Daïquiri

1 July 2022 | Cocktails
Frozen Daïquiri

Buy 4 cases of Cuban rum now, because this cocktail will melt your stock like snow in the sun. And it is indeed snow that is in question this time since we are inaugurating our first cocktail in the blender and certainly the most emblematic of all!

Unfortunately, this cocktail has lived through all the wars, and has taken the brunt of them, flouted and scarred. Let's try to give it a little polish and finally make you taste the reason why this cocktail has become legendary.

Frozen Daiquiri recipe

I think you are beginning to understand that you won't need strawberry or passion fruit syrup… Far from imposing on us as purists, the cocktail is sufficiently complex and good not to need to be denatured with an industrial syrup.

First, let's set some rules. For our most assiduous readers, you must have noticed that these come up often: 1. Lemon freshly squeezed that you will use. 2. The laziness, in the closet, you will leave.

Contrary to what one might think, this cocktail is great in a group since despite the use of a blender, we will be able to manage to make up to almost 10 cocktails at once.

Let's try to be faithful to the taste back in the day, the one that Ernest "Papa" Hemingway liked so much when he entered the bar the first time -to take a piss, true story- and that he came out madly in love… This cocktail definitely leaves no one indifferent. So let's give it the importance it deserves.


Let's start with a Bacardi Superior 44.5, of course it's more expensive than the entry level, but you deserve the best, don't you?


This bacardi was designed to reproduce the flavors of the bacardi of the time, the one that has been used to establish many historic and emblematic recipes.


Then we will go on freshly squeezed lime juice, leave the pulco once again on the shelves of your supermarket.


And then you will need powdered sugar, white.


And Maraschino Luxardo.

Who says Frozen, says texture, says ice cubes integrated into the cocktail. These ice cubes are therefore part of your list of ingredients and will not be thrown in the sink at the end of the preparation. It is therefore important to measure it. To do so, it is very simple. Take your serving glass, a cocktail coupette or martini glass then fill the glass with crushed ice or ice cubes, multiply by the number of glasses to serve and you will have the right amount of ice.

For the Frozen Daiquiri recipe it's very simple

  • 4 cl of Cuban style rum, here Bacardi Superior 44.5
  • Half a squeezed lime (about 2cl)
  • Half a tablespoon of white sugar.

Cool the blender by putting the bowl in the fridge or freezer or with ice cubes.


Remove the ice cubes and place the juice with the sugar, stir so that the sugar dissolves.


We put the ice cubes or preferably crushed ice in the blender.


Add rum and maraschino.


The mixer is activated for 20 seconds.


The texture must be homogeneous. If you use crushed ice, it will work like clockwork.


If you use ice cubes, they will jump in the blender and grind badly. Therefore, the trick of the Cuban maestros is to make 5 doses of the frozen Daiquiri, so the ice cubes will evolve in the liquid and rise much less than if the blender was empty!



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