How to choose your white rum!

30 October 2022 | Discover, Buyer's Guide
How to choose your white rum!

The offer of white rum has multiplied in recent years and we sometimes get lost in it. We are here to help.

For the ti-punch, an agricole white rum (based on pure cane juice) from the French Caribbean is best suited. All rum brands produce white rum for ti-punch. We would suggest Saint-James, Dillon and JM for Martinique and Longueteau, A1710, and Père Labat for Guadeloupe.

Then come the premium white rums from each agricole distillery. These can be drunk neat or in a ti-punch. For Martinique, we will retain the organic Neisson, the Saint-James Bio and the HSE Canne d'Or. In Guadeloupe, Karukera, Bielle and Bologne Black Cane.

Polynesian, Mauritian or Asian pure cane juice rums can have a use comparable to their Caribean cousins.

In Reunion, traditional, agricole or blended pure cane juice and molasses rums can be drunk in a Kalou. This is an identical recipe to the Ti-punch. The Isautier and Savanna white rums can be drunk very well as such or neat according to taste.

High ester, “grand arome” white rums are on the rise. Jamaican and Savanna rums in Reunion offer fruity and acidic aromas that are very popular in cocktails or even for tasting. Wray and Nephew is the most iconic brand in Jamaica.

Alongside these categories are a multitude of molasses white rums with low alcohol, designed for cocktails. But things are changing. We will certainly have more and more molasses white rums for tasting in the years to come.

A good white rum is a good time guaranteed!

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