Interview with Adrian Keogh of Boukman rum

23 October 2022 | Interviews & Meetings
Interview with Adrian Keogh of Boukman rum

Hello and thank you for granting us this interview. Who are the people behind this brand?

The brand was founded by Adrian Keogh, Irishman based in Paris and entrepreneur in wines and spirits and by Josette Bruffaerts-Thomas, Haitian and founder of the Haiti Futur association which develops education.

This rum has a surprising name. Who was "Boukman"?

Dutty Boukman was a rebellious slave, a cane cutter who sparked the Haitian Revolution in August 1791 which paved the way for the country's independence in 1804. Among the cane cutters in Haiti today, the chief is still called the “boukman”.

You present this rum as a soaked Clairin or Clairin trempé. Can you tell us what it is and what this culture represents in Haiti?

Clairin is Haiti's pure cane juice rum, distilled in hundreds of distilleries on the island. It is consumed either white (unaged) or ‘soaked’, meaning it is infused with bark, wood or local spices, an alternative to aging in barrels to develop the taste. The ingredients of soaked clairins are associated with medicinal virtues according to voodoo traditions, also inherited from the know-how of the indigenous Taïno [Amerindian ethnic group].

How is Boukman rum made?

Boukman Rum is distilled in Croix-des-Bouquets from pure cane juice such as Madame Mevs (no syrup or molasses), and rested for two years in stainless steel tanks. Then, it is infused with 11 local barks and woods by a cellar master trained in Cognac and Grasse. It is blended without sugar, cold filtered and bottled in Port-au-Prince.

What type of consumption is Boukman rum intended for?

Boukman is light and complex, so it can be drunk neat, with an orange zest or as a ti'punch. As it contains zero sugar, it adapts well to whisky or gin cocktail formats (Old Fashioned, Manhattan, White Negroni). For a long drink, we recommend it with coconut water, lime juice, cane syrup and salt.

boukman rhum

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