Interview of Stéphane Clermont for Mezan brand

24 February 2023 | Interviews & Meetings
Interview of Stéphane Clermont for Mezan brand

Hello, thank you for granting us an interview. Can you remind us of the history of the Mezan brand and the origin of the name ?

Hello Matthieu, thank you for inviting me to this interview. Mezan has existed since 2006. Originally it was Niel Mathieson, the master blender of Mossburn Distillers, part of the Marussia Beverages family, just like Mezan who went to select the first rum casks. It was he who gave the impulse and direction of the brand.

Mezan, is a simple word to pronounce all over the world and which does not refer to cane plantations, nor to the sugar industry, nor to the history of the sugar and rum trade. We wanted this neutrality in the brand, to better focus on the product.

The brand now contains three ranges. Can you detail them for us?

First of all the permanent range, with Mezan Chiriqui which comes to us from Panama and Mezan Jamaica XO which is a blend of Jamaican rums.

Then we have what makes the heart of our work as an independent bottler, the Vintages, these are vintage bottlings of small batches (maximum 5000 bottles approximately), each from a single distillery, from a single terroir , of a single tradition, you will find on the labels all the information concerning the rum that you are about to taste.

And to finish, the range of Single Cask, very confidential, at the moment we have a superb Jamaica 2006 16 years old, distilled in pot still only and bottled at its natural strength, only a few hundred bottles!

If you had to taste three rums from Mezan to discover your selection, which would they be?

I really like the Jamaica XO which is a magnificent gateway to the incredible world of Jamaican rums! It is very versatile, very pleasant dry because it does not lack complexity and it is also perfect for cocktails. Then, the Dominican Republic 2012, which is a superb representative of traditional Hispanic rums. Finally, I really appreciate the uniqueness of rums from Guyana, and the 2011 is particularly interesting because it is distilled in the old Savalle columns (partly made of wood) of the old Uitvlugt distillery, Magnificent!

What is the characteristic of Mezan today in the world of independent bottlers ?

We emphasize traceability and the most complete transparency possible, we offer rums that reflect their origins and traditions with the greatest truth, we do not alter our rums, no added sugar, no coloring, no texturizer, no added aromatics, no chill filtration. Our rums are a faithful reflection of the production traditions and know-how of those who distilled and put them in barrels! UnAltered!

What releases are planned for 2023?

The range of vintages is in constant evolution being small batches, it is even more true for the "single cask". Regarding the permanent range, we should see the arrival in the coming months of a very interesting Latin American rum.

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