Isautier : The Agents doubles 001 & 002

20 January 2023 | Interviews & Meetings
Isautier : The Agents doubles 001 & 002

Hello and thank you for granting us this interview. Isautier rum invests a little more in the white rum sector after having renovated its range of old rums and arranged rums. You offer us two new batch called “Agents Doubles”. How did the idea come about?

Chris Briand: We are one of the only distilleries in the world to know produce agricole rum and traditional molasses rum. We always have done both, which allows us great flexibility as a producer. 

The Double Agents were born from this double expertise of the House. The assembly of these two types of cane brandy allows us to navigate between the freshness and the minerality of pure juice with the roundness and more consensual character of molasses.
We often speak of duality between the two in our rum sector, when they can very well complement and sublimate each other.

What are the technical characteristics of Double Agent 01 and Double Agent Dual 02?

Marie Ferrand: The white agricole rums and molasses rums produced at the Isautier distillery were assembled to create these double tradition rums, reflecting the double know-how of the house.

Double Agent 01 is made from 35% molasses rum and 65% agricole rum, blended straight from the column then reduced slowly down to 55% abv.

Double Agent 02, on the other hand, is made up of 65% molasses rum and 65% agricultural rum.

What are the taste characteristics of Double Agent 01 and Double Agent 02?

Marie Ferrand: The Double Agent 01 presents a beautiful vegetal power on the nose reminiscent of freshly cut cane. It is smooth on the palate, with a harmonious balance between the expression of cane and the silkiness of molasses. Long and smooth finish. 

Double Agent 02 is fresh and intense. On the nose, we have a nice minty freshness with liquorice and floral notes. In the mouth there are intense notes of exotic fruit and sugar cane that stand out. Long and expressive finish.

What type of consumption are these Agents intended for? We have heard of the "Kalou", can you tell us a little more about this Reunionese cocktail?

Chris Briand: These are tasting rums but also intended for a cocktail use. The cocktail scene has been going upmarket in recent years, particularly in France. Before when we asked for a daiquiri, we were asked which rum based. Today it is increasingly common to ask the customer which blend of rum they would like to have for their daiquiri with a selection of 2 to 3 rums with different character. Our double agents respond to this new demand.

Like the Caribbean, Reunion also has its hisdtory, its traditions with a very rich cultural heritage. Rum, lemon, sugar cane powder, the Caribbean has its ti ’punch, in Reunion we have our Kalou which uses traditional molasses rum and/or pure juice. 3 ingredients that express our land.

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