Two cocktail with NAVI Rum

20 February 2023 | Cocktails
Two cocktail with NAVI Rum

For this article, we called upon Baptiste, founder of Colada, in the heart of Paris and also co-founder of the Rums Navi!

On the occasion of the release of his book Inventez vos cocktails published by Massin, Baptiste entrusts us with two cocktail recipes of his creation highlighting Navi.

You can find his work on the Excellence Rhum online store, as well as the two Navi cuvées.

In their cocktail workshops, Baptiste and his team teach you to understand the cocktail and its main principles, then make you capable of inventing your own cocktail recipes. Learning the harmony of aromas and the balance of flavors through practice with the support of the facilitators. About fifty high-end products are available for your creations. Just that !

Two recipes for the price of one ! 1 rum = 2 cocktails

Baptiste offers you two fruity recipes, a bewitching tropical long drink, perfect for long summer afternoons and a muscular fruity short drink, perfect for giving yourself a kick in the evening!

Fruity Uncanny

Au shaker, secouez bien fort pendant 10 secondes, puis servez dans une coupette cocktail ou un verre à martini. 

Drink it in ten seconds and then start again.

The essential accessories for making the cocktails of Baptiste

Why does it work so well?

Navi Cassiopée has a fruity, slightly woody, smoky and caramelized frame, here we rely on its fruity character which we reinforce with an ingredient that we all have at home or at our friend's house where we are going to make cocktails in the evening: The jam! A vastly underestimated ingredient that makes the job of any smart budding mixologist easier!

Pay attention to the balance because jam is a lot of fruit, a lot of sugar but also a little acidity! Do not hesitate to rebalance the cocktail if it seems too sweet or too acidic. If it is not alcoholic enough for you, I recommend that you contact Alex the founder of Excellence Rhum who will give you his Negroni recipe.

Sultan of the Islands

In a large Highball glass over large ice cubes, combine all the ingredients and mix for 20 seconds.

Why does it work so well?

Here we bet on 2 aromatic directions that cohabit very well, the exotic fruitiness and the woody tannic. We reinforce the fruity and fresh gourmet side with the passion fruit, exotic as can be and then we come to bring a complex structure and a length in the mouth with the earl gray black tea. The result is a diabolical cocktail that gives you the impression of quenching your thirst with a tropical iced tea… I urge you to be careful.

If you want to invent your own cocktails like Baptiste, do not hesitate to register for one of his workshops in the heart of Paris. You can also turn to his book and his step-by-step method to accompany you in your creations.