Interview of Neisson by Alex Bobbi

10 December 2022 | Interviews & Meetings
Interview of Neisson by Alex Bobbi

Hello Alex, can you describe the gems planned to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the distillery?

It's not every day that we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Distillery and that's why I plan to release many different bottlings.

A 21 year old (17/11/2000) elected best rum in the world at the St Barth Rum Awards Festival

An 18 year old (08/04/2004)

A 15 year old (30/11/2005)

The “vieux” by Neisson

A new Profil 62 which will be an ESB (élevé sous bois) and in good quantity, A Profil 107 which will also be a well toasted ESB of 12 months in oak barrels; A classic ESB for the American market aged 12 months in bourbon barrels (07/2021)

An ESB aged in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels that impresses with its natural sweetness

As we did for the 65 years, I will release a bottling in collaboration with the artist Carole AURORE, she will paint 90 three-liter bottles which will be named "Equilibre", this rum will be a blend of 25% of the bourbon profile , 25% profile 62, 25% profile mizunara and 25% profile 107.

I'm going to release an Armada 2000 in a 70cl bottle (17/11/2000)

A 1997 Armada (23 year old rum) in 70 cl. This same Armada 1997 will also be released in a 3 liter version (about ten bottles).

I will also release an Armada 88 (08/04/2004) in a 3 liter version

A drop by drop (about fifteen), which will be a drop by drop blend of the Armada 1991, the Armada 92, Cuvée Sacha + 90cl Armada 1997.

We are also releasing a personalized bottle which will be a 4 year old cask strength rhum and it will be offered to all Neisson staff with their names engraved on it. It will be called the Family Reserve.

A collector bottle, the Hommage cuvée which will be a 50cl round bottle, the previous bottle before the arrival of the famous Zepol Karé. It will come out in about a thousand copies and at 50 ABV.

Finally, we will be releasing “Straight From The Barrel” rhums, Vevert cellar + MainMain cellar with the project of releasing them in a 20 cl version, which will make around 900 bottles.

I think that's pretty good, right?

What rums are planned to be released for 2023? Is a new profile planned? a new XO? or any other surprise?

While taking into account the shortage of bottles, I will still be releasing a XO FULL PROOF next year as well as a new Profil 105 and also "The Last One" which will be a sandblasted bottle with an image of the Distillery (05/17/2005) in small quantity 200/300 bottles with a rum of 05/17/2005. These bottlings will come out as they go.

Neisson opts for a "premiumization" of products by releasing ultra-old vintages. Does this premiumization have an impact on your way of working and your performance?

No, I remain Project Manager for the bottlings I produce and the choice of barrels. Grégory has no influence on my products. I submit barrels for bottling and then we decide whether to bottle them or not.

The problem we face is that I work with natural products, without adding woodiness and what I need is time. Time that I don't necessarily have. This explains the small productions and sometimes the difficulties of meeting the growing consumer demand. However, as I explained to you above, Neisson is aware of the growing demand, bottles sometimes resold (unfortunately) at exorbitant prices and this is the reason why we want to make the greatest number of people benefit from the know-how of the Distillery by offering the 20 cl format.

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