The plantations of Saint Lucia

1 July 2022 | Discover
The plantations of Saint Lucia

This can be attributed to hard work, smart partnerships, a motivated and efficient team and an iconic president and cellar master.

Whether under the Citadelle, Cognac Pierre Ferrand or Plantation brand, each of the brands have different price points that allow the enthusiast to find the perfect fit whatever the budget.

Let's stay rum!

If the majority of the Plantation range does not make unanimity, Saint Lucia is very often the favorite even by admission of the Ferrand staff and the bartenders specialized in rum... This rum creates waves to such an extent that there is a sort of gray market where, in circles of fanatics, old vintages are exchanged and resold “at a friendly price”!

Vendome & John Dorr

A strong signature

Each vintage of Saint Lucia has its strong signature, due to a blend of different distillates from different stills -Vendome & John Dorr- significantly changing the aromatic profiles. The conversations of amateurs very often come to “Which St Lucia vintage did you prefer? ".

Last attempt of the Maison Ferrand which ended in success and out of stock: The St Lucie cask strength, Plantation Extrême.

Rumors about Plantation Saint Lucia are swelling and it seems that the last vintage will be 2006 while the 2005 is soon to be sold out... It's time to stock up!

A big job

For this rum, it is a 4 hands job, as mentioned at Ferrand, between the late Laurie Barnard, former director of St Lucia Distillers, who died in 2012, and the emblematic Alexandre Gabriel. On the schedule, fermentation for 4 to 5 days, aging for 10 years in the tropics then brought back to Cognac in the Château Bonbonnet for 18 months. In short, a golden pedigree.

To sum up, Saint Lucia has an aromatic profile similar to Jamaican while being fruitier and more delicate, they are "high ester" rums loaded with taste and complexity.

The Ferrand style, part of the aging of which is done in the Cognac region in cognac barrels, is of course present and will not necessarily suit everyone, some criticizing it for smoothing out the original character of the rum.

Nevertheless in the 2003 plantation, the double Bourbon and cognac refining brings elegant notes of vanilla, tobacco, a vinous finish, smooth and spicy at the same time.

Plantation Saint Lucia 2005 & 2003

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