Rhumfest 2023: Baie des Trésors evening

10 April 2023 | Discover
Rhumfest 2023: Baie des Trésors evening

A warm welcome

This Sunday, April 2nd, guests were invited to a charming place located in the beautiful Rue Royale in Paris. The founder and Cellar Master Stéphane Gouyer, accompanied by the Baie des Trésors team, welcomed us to present "Plein Soleil, harvest 2022", a white rum embodied by fruit and a beautiful sweetness.

This evening was an opportunity to recall both the youth of the brand but above all to affirm the desire to build a know-how that lasts in time.

The importance of the cane

The cane plots, the terroir, are at the heart of the Baie des Trésors approach. Each cuvée is inextricably linked to a defined plot as well as to an aging process. Thus, amateurs will be able to follow the evolution of the cuvées over time with the certainty of seeing the same processes being reproduced each year. For Baie des Trésors, beyond the technical aspect of rum production, the terroir and the cane are the guarantors of quality.

La Baie des Trésors very quickly conquered the palate of rum lovers and resolutely took the path of high quality rums. Try it out !

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Written by

Matthieu Lange
Conseiller en spiritueux