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Real client reviews
All the client reviews have come from individuals having placed orders through ExcellenceRhum / ExcellenceSpirits.

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" Highly professional. Competitive prices. Good follow-up with customers "
Caroline, France

" There is nothing left to be said other than everything is done on time and in the most professional fashion "
Marc, Nice, France

" Magnificent website, fluid, interactive, it makes you want to dive into the rhum culture ; That’s what I did, my order was made at 1pm and I received it the next day with the help of the customer service representatives over the chat application but also via e-mail, they are very quick to respond !!"
Catherine, Geneva, Switzerland

" Highly professional, good price. I ordered for the next day and available at my usual pick-up point. Thank you! "
Brice, Liège, Belgium

" When I discovered your website, I was a little hesitant because it was not a well-known website like [...] or [...] where I usually make my purchases.
I have just received my first order and I must admit that I am completely convinced by your services (excellent welcome over the phone, follow-up on sent messages, quick processing of the order…in short all positives!)
I wanted to share my satisfaction. But also to thank you for the gifts which came with the order, namely the fascinating booklet, the rhum guide and the polo-shirt.
I will not hesitate to recommend your website to the rhum connoisseurs in my circle. And it’s with pleasure that I am already thinking of the next order I will place through your website!
Once again, thank you for the highly professional service provided.
Yves, France

" Got my order 3 days ago via Chronopost, after an email request for advice, just like in a wine shop but with even better prices "
Franciane, French West Indies, Guadeloupe

Just wanted to say congratulations because you are honestly extremely quick over at ExcellenceRhum, my order was checked, confirmed and approved within just a few hours!! Something I’ve never seen before!
[...] I know where I’ll buy the rest of my Christmas gifts now!!
A huge thank you :) :)
PS: well yeah, when things go well we need to say so!!
Congratulations to the team!
Laetitia, France

" Thank you for your quick response. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you, great service, very attentive to our needs. I am nothing less than satisfied with.
ExcellenceRhum, and only have good things to say about it to people around me. "
Boris, Vezon, Belgium

" I received my parcel yesterday morning. Many thanks for how quickly you processed my order. I will surely go through your website again the next time I need to restock "
Dominique, France

" Thank you for your response. I am happy with the quality of service I get with ExcellenceRhum and how quick you are to respond. All the best and until our next visit onwebsite. A satisfied client (yet another one!) "
Hubert J, French West indies, Martinique


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