Box of 6 glasses of Rum / Spirits (Ardent)

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With a contemporary/convex-concave design, this glass stands out for its short leg. The hand is positioned under the chalice to naturally warm old rums and is very suitable for other spirits: Cognacs and Armagnacs to enjoy around 22 ° c.


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    Beautiful oxygenation surface then narrowed chimney regulate the alcohol that is released. Power and aromatic complexity dominate the tasting.

    Sold by 6 glasses in box. Capacity of each glass: 39cl - Cehf and Sommelier Ardent

    Chef et Sommelier

    Chef and Somelier transmit their passion through their product, between tasting glass and carafe, the products are made of Kwarx, high-tech materials.
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    Our packaging is completely shock-proof and 100% recyclable. Our packaging meet all the requirements of many partner carriers, especially for international carriers. They are lightweight, and offer very good result in terms of strength and impact resistance. Your order is ensured during transport against all damage by insurance that we agree with our charges for each of your parcel.

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